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Niki Schäfer Interior Design, Henley Oxfordshire

Interior Design, Home Decor and Interior Styling High-End Residencies

Our interior design team work on single room and whole home interior projects.

Whatever your home decor aspirations, our professional interior design team will ensure your home is a reflection of your personal tastes, stylish comfort and luxury.

“Niki not only understands design and has an amazing eye for colour, pattern and texture; she also understands how to make your space work for you. Lovey lady, excellent interior designer and engaging speaker.” C. Bare Dec 2018

Get The Look You Want

If you are planning an interior design project this year whether that’s your master bedroom, children’s bedrooms, playroom, living room, bespoke kitchen or whole home decor. We’d love to help your journey be a positive one.


Interior design can be a daunting prospect, our professional interior design team will take you through the processes from initial consultation, design planning all the way through to final completion.


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